Quick Trip: Fort Worth

This weekend, Scott and I took a little (half?) day trip to Fort Worth! We originally went to attend a Yarn Bombing event at the Foundry District by artist London Kaye. I discovered London’s art because she was on the Amazing Race this past season! She does mostly street art crochet, but has also made some big pieces for companies like Nike, Miller Lite, and Red Valentino for events and promotion.

Since we’d already planned on going to this event, we decided we needed to just make a day of it! Fort Worth is only an hour and 20 minutes from Waco, so it makes it a really great destination for a quick day trip, or even just to mix it up and get dinner somewhere different after work.

We spent the majority of our day at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. We absolutely LOVED it, and quickly realized the 3 hours we had to explore it were not quite enough. They have a really amazing selection of modern pieces, and even a couple of Warhols, a Picasso, and a Pollock, which was super exciting! We were also there during the Doug Aitken: Electric Earth exhibition, which was very immersive and thought provoking. This video is a little snap shot into what the exhibition was like – if you find that it’s coming near you anytime, you should definitely check it out. Honestly, it’s hard to summarize an experience at an art museum, so here are a few pictures of our favorite pieces! Other than that, you’ll have to just go there yourself. If you’re into modern art, you definitely want to go here!

For dinner, we went to Righteous Foods, which was just a few minutes away from the museum. It was so, so good, and perfect if you like healthier foods that don’t necessarily taste like your normal “healthy” foods (their slogan is Stop the Health Food Hate, so they’re pretty committed). My guacamole had egg whites and pistachios in it, and it was so delicious. I also got a sparkling hibiscus tea that I could probably drink every day and never get tired of. We will definitely be returning to explore more dishes.


After that, we headed to the Foundry District to check out London’s yarn bombing event! The event was right by Feathers and M2G Ventures, in front of Inspiration Alley on Whitmore. It was so fun – a lot of the shops extended their hours, and a few food trucks and vendors had places set up for people to grab some food and hang out. We got donuts at Dough Boy Donuts, and they were amazing (cinnamon roll for Scott and s’mores for me). It was a great, family friendly event with a DJ, a mobile art truck, and photographers taking pictures for people in Inspiration Alley. London’s installation looked amazing, and will be up for a while. If you live in the Fort Worth area, definitely stop by and get some pics with it!

We really had a great time in Fort Worth – there is still so much for us to explore! What should we check out next?


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