Quick Trip: Wimberley

This past weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday, so naturally, I already had a trip planned for him months in advance. In April, I was starting to get the itch to travel again, (meaning in my spare time, I was googling random places on AirBNB and looking at things to do in random towns) so I started to brainstorm trip ideas for Scott’s birthday. I decided that I wanted to go to a town that wasn’t terribly far away (3 hours max) that we hadn’t been to before. After much searching and some very specific requirements, (late July in Texas means that a pool was not just a requirement but a necessity) I landed on the town of Wimberley in the hill country of Texas. This part of Texas is known for it’s wine tours, rolling country side, and small town appeal. But, I believe I found the real gem of Wimberley.

The Blair House Inn. I’d never stayed in an actual bed and breakfast before, so it sounded like a fun new adventure. After doing some research, it seemed like we had to pick Blair House. They’ve been featured in dozens of travel magazines, won multiple awards, and were featured on the Food Network. Not only is their Inn highly rated, but their food is spoken of very highly. Chef Chris Huffman is an amazing chef who not only cooks amazing food for Blair House, but also hosts cooking classes for people interested in learning more about what he does.

Seriously, this place was top notch. We rolled in around 9pm after eating at Linda’s Fine Foods (which we definitely recommend if you’re in the area), and our room was all set up with dessert and wine waiting our arrival. They give you a ton of resources about the Inn, the surrounding area, and even include a DVD of the Food Network episode they were on (which we definitely watched).

In the morning, we had an amazing breakfast of fresh cut fruit, apple cake, vegetable frittata, and rosemary potatoes. After a slow morning of just kind of hanging out**, we ventured out to Brewster’s for lunch. It’s a super fun family owned place that is run by a couple and their 13 children. They have great pizza and they also brew their own beer. A couple buildings down is the Cactus Coffee Shop. The interior is seriously so cute, and they had fun games to play. Scott and I sipped our beverages and played a couple games of Battleship (which I lost horribly).

Heading back to the Blair House, we were in full on summer vacation mode. I headed straight to the pool and Scott took a nice long nap in the extremely comfortable bed in our room. The pool isn’t massive, but there’s plenty of room for the people staying there. It also has an incredible view up on one of the hills overlooking the country. It was super relaxing, and they have sunscreen, towels, and plastic cups available for the guests to use (no glass allowed by the pool).

Saturday evening we were treated to the traditional Saturday night meal at Blair House. This is a multi-course meal prepared by Chef Chris, and has been happening for many years. If you stay here on the weekend, there is a requirement and additional fee to attend dinner. It was definitely worth it, but did make the cost of staying there a little pricier than advertised by room rate. Dinner started off with a wine mixer, which made Scott and I a little nervous (we brought the average age down a little bit if you know what I mean), but we quickly connected with a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary, and even ended up sitting at a table with them for dinner! They were so much fun, the meal was amazing, and it was paired with the most perfect wine. After dinner and dessert, we headed back to our room and watched TV before going to sleep.

Sunday morning, we checked out of the Blair House and headed to lunch at the Leaning Pear. This is definitely the hip place to go if you’re in Wimberley and was very delicious. I had a woodfired pizza called The Blanco which was very tasty. Next door is a bakery called the Sugar Shack, which we stopped at our on way out. Their monster cookie was good, but the pumpkin bread I bought was even better.

We had such a great time in Hill Country! We would love to go back when it’s not super hot outside to see some of the wineries and other outdoor things to do. Have a favorite thing to do in hill country? Let me know! We want to explore more and would love suggestions.


** Just hanging out was preceded by attempting to take the bikes at Blair House out for a spin. If you stay here, I do not recommend doing this. The owner tried to dissuade us. We figured it couldn’t be that bad. It was bad and we got in an argument, so spare your relationships and don’t do it.

  1. Linda’s Fine Foods
  2. Dessert set up at the Blair House
  3. Our room – The San Antonio room
  4. Cactus Coffee Shop
  5. Getting beat in Battleship
  6. View from the pool
  7. The Leaning Pear

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